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From: Richard Rigor
RE: Precontest Prep

Dear Competitor,

When it comes down to precontest prep, you either have it dialed in or you're always asking someone else for advice. If you're getting ready for your first show, you absolutely need some guidance. Whether you get it from us, or from another qualified source - you'll need guidance.

Now, if you've competed before and you weren't completely happy with how you looked on stage, keep reading.

[**We are the secret "hidden" coaches who are behind the precontest prep diet and training systems of many bodybuilders and figure competitiors nationwide. We call the shots and the competitors do the work. Sometimes they credit us and sometimes they don't. We don't care about that. We care about you looking ridiculously awesome when you step on stage on contest day. That's it!**]

Precontest prep is really an art form backed by knowledge in nutrition and physiology. It also includes includes stage presence, posing, proper color, and suit selection. You've got to realize that having 4mm skinfolds at every pinch site doesn't mean crap if your posing sucks and you cannot present your body in it's best view.

Now Here's What You're Looking For

Behind the virtual community gates you'll have immediate access to...

  • REAL precontest diets
  • Photos of the mandatory poses for bodybuilding and figure (coming soon)
  • REAL case studies (our clients)
  • Interactive discussion forum <ask questions - get answers>
  • REAL supplement strategies
  • Controversial precontest strategies (you don't want to miss this!)
  • Precontest preparation articles
  • "Diet tricks" to look unbelievable  when you step onstage
  • and much more...

Listen, I've partnered with some of the top contest prep coaches to offer kickass strategies to get you looking your best ever the next time you step on stage. You'll essentially gain access to discussions from our coaches as we dish out the real science and art behind precontest prep.

So whats it gonna cost? Simple. It's Free! That's right. It's no cost to you. All I ask is that you consider purchasing your nutritional supplements at AdvoCareNutritionals.com and RigorousNutrition.com/supps. These are the base brands we use. After years of pointing clients, customers, and subscribers to purchase their supplements at other places, I decided to rep these nutrition lines offering world class supplements that I know work. 

We hate seeing bodybuilders and figure competitors bust their butts training and dieting only to step on stage looking smooth and flat. That doesn't win shows.

Now, if you want to specifically hire one of us to take you on as a precontest prep client or simply design a diet tailor made for you, you can do that for an additional fee. ALL the details are in our forum. [You're never obligated to hire us. Besides, you'll be able to follow along and learn pretty much as much as you need to step on stage looking your absolute best.]

You'll get to see some inside info on some of our clients
and their contest prep.

Your Secret Source For Successful Pre Contest Preparation!

Richard Rigor
Bodybuilding Coach, Nutritionist